News : Facebook, Instagram and Whats App server down in the world - Stars Biowiki

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook sank in various parts of the world, users reported  Monday night. All three applications belong to Facebook and run on a common infrastructure. "Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on it and will fix it as soon as possible," read a message on the Facebook website. WhatsApp confirmed the outage on Twitter: 

News : Facebook, Instagram and Whats App server down in the world - Stars Biowiki

Users posted messages on Twitter stating that popular social media and communication platforms would no longer be accessible around 9 p.m. India time. 

The website, which tracks web services, also reported a sharp increase in user complaints. 

WhatsApp confirmed the outage on Twitter: 

Meanwhile, the social media giant's instant messaging platform WhatsApp was also down for more than 14,000 users, while Messenger was down for nearly 3,000 users. 

All three Facebook properties are market leaders in India in their IM, Photo Sharing, and Social Media categories. 

Facebook has more than 410 million users in India, and it's WhatsApp messaging is one of its largest markets with more than 530 million users. Instagram has more than 210 million users in India. shows a 5xx server error message, while the Facebook site just tells us that something went wrong. The problem also appears to affect its virtual reality arm, Oculus. Users can load games that are already installed and the browser works, but social functions or installing new games cannot. The disruption is so severe that it affects Facebook clients' workplaces and, according to Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook's internal websites. 

Facebook has yet to say a word  about what could be causing the problem or when these sites, including Messenger and WhatsApp, will be back online, but we will update this article with more information as it becomes 

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